Will I have time to 'run through' the presentation before taping?

Possibly include film clip of
In the program suggestion that I submitted to you I listed aids for my presentation will you be able to provide them ?

This is what I would like for my introduction: {Cue Miss Winfrey}

Oprah:"Novus Ordo Seclorum: this is latin for 'A new order of the ages'..In our continuing efforts to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, the African Diaspora will be examined..Please welcome my next guest as he broadens the dimension of black history..ladies and gentlemen, I give you, ..Arius.."~Cut to black~Cue Elliott clip

I would like to request....

I would like to request the clip from your archives,

How many total segments (average segment length: 6:00.80s/average commercial break length: 2:21.63s)will I have?

Will there be a 'question/answer' allotted segment?

If there are technical questions asked, I may need the assistance of individuals in the subjects I will cover: Dr. Aubrey

I have additional items on disk besides the following that I will incorporate into the presentation:(Rameses crown comparison, , , , Acropolis, etc....and the website that was mentioned in the suggestion sent to you: Rashidi's Website

When will I air?
I would like to dedicate my presentation to my parents, Albert Earl and Mildred Verneita

This is the sequence of my presentation:

Teleprompter:("Novus Ordo Seclorum"...)

Display outline(display book covers; newspaper articles/include map visual of Africa; point out Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Visuals of pyramids)


/insert husband's conversion to monotheism: connect Anubis/Judgement Scene/Negative Confessions~10 Commandments


Dollar bill(show Horus; make comparison; number 13 explanation..."This further establishes African principles as used by founding father's..

Segue to Greek mythology's foundation in Egypt

Neit- Athena

Hathor-Aphrodite, Venus(explanation of Alessandro Vittoria/cow goddess/explain Buddha(display Buddha, discuss buddhism spread to China and Japan..also include 3 African dynasties in the Orient: Hsia, Shang, and Chou )

Segue to Christianity's foundation in Egypt Osiris(explanation of Christmas tree; Christianity, display Akhenaten's hymn Isis(include pics of Black Madonnas; elaborate) Horus

Segue to "I will attempt to explain several points"... Moors domination in Spain/Include 'Black' definition; Moor name graphics Display male faces: African, Hispanic, Chinese, Caucasion, Italian 'Running of Bull's' clip/integrate picture of St. Maurice(?) Display visuals of Buddhists praying; the Buddha Segue to 'Cradle' Difference: "There is a constant civilizing influence on barbarism. So much so, that it seems inherent. To understand this more in depth, an understanding of 'two cradles'of civilization has to be observed"... Display scenes of waterfalls, green pastures, million man march(Nile civilization)/Display scenes of war and violence (WTC attacks), explosions , women's march(Aryan civlization)

There is a news clip of Pope John Paul II worshipping the Black Madonna : This may be useful in my explanation of the diffusion of Isis into the Virgin Mary

How many members in audience? Complimentary calendars

I have a web page: Arius .

Do you have an email address in case I have additional questions? The following is our website's email address: arius@ariusentertainment.com

Who can I invite to the taping?

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